For „Hoeje Taastrup-people“ only


since i cannot expect you reading all this stuff in german i write some lines just for you. this is the blog i opened to write about the four-months-trip through asia i’m going to do with franziska from sunday on. we’ll visit thailand, laos, vietnam and cambodia within these (around) 16 weeks. i made a sketch of our route in the post „der plan“ that is shown as a link on the first page. since i try to write some lines every now and then i hope you’ll have a look around this place everytime you think of me – and leavea short comment. since i won’t be able to do more than thinking about our of a „meeting“, maybe somebody else might just propose a new date … and so on. i’ll be with.

next thoughts will be here around tuesday, maybe thursday … when i had my first thai food and lived through „one night in bangkok“…

me in krakow

remember? me in a crazy disco in krakow…

cu, mz


3 Antworten

  1. looks more like crazy you in a disco in krakow.
    but this post wasnt meant for me, so „anyway“ is the word you’re looking for.

  2. you’re right…but i guess it was due to the location…so…anywaaay.

  3. Hi Matthias,

    Great to think about the silly people like me that don’t read or speak any German.
    Enjoy your trip in Asia and tell me if Full Metal Jacket is still up to date (remember “ Sucky sucky 5 $“)
    Trust me, i ‚ll follow your trip from europe.
    Give us some news.


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