hoeje taastrup news plus picture review


this is the first time i actually find TIME to write some words in english too so those who are still not capable of the german language find a reason to give this blog a try.

first we flew with the golden shining (!) emirates airline to bangkok via dubai …

das i unterm tuepfelchen

as we say in german … it was the „I“ under the i-spot… 

after a first few rough days in bangkok where we tried to do everything relaxed and at the same time worked unter high pressure on leaving this town – what in fact wasn’t that easy since the people of the TAT-office (semi-private tourist company) tried to push us into busses to the south of thailand – we managed to catch a bus towards the northeast of thailand…

but even in bangkok we had some nice days after all…


the khaosan road, travellers best place … as long as you don’t mind everybody selling you something and being among other travellers … almost like in denmark …

 virtually every second someone wants to bring you somewhere, since western people are not supposed to walk in thailand…first choice: a tuk tuk…

tuk tuk

after passing the small and beautiful cities of ubon ratchathani, that phanom we arrived in nakhon phanom, where we had a first (actually second after that phanom) wonderful look upon laos, where we will go to in a few days…


although it is only a few hundred meters away, it is still unreachable… because we still need a valig visa (not to get arrested once we arrive at the other side…)

so far for now, the sun is burnig, we have around 39 degrees in shade … drinking water as we sweat it out immediately…

hope to read from you guys and i send greetings to all over the world…



2 Antworten

  1. Hello Matthias!
    As I can see, Coca cola is present also there! So, why do you drink water? 🙂
    Enjoy, and hello from Copenhagen!

  2. Hi Matthias! how are you doing? I didn’t know you had this blog, but now I do, it gives me the opportunity to thank you for your postcard. Thanks!!
    I hope we will be able to hear all your stories when (if?) you’ll be back. Until then, I wish you the best for the rest of your time there. Take care!


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